Driving around Lake Tahoe Nevada/California

A few years back I flew out to visit my Grandparents. They live in Reno Nevada. I have had on my bucket list since i was a little girl, driving all the way around Lake Tahoe. Yes all 70 miles from Nevada and California. So this particular summer My Aunt Caroline, My cousin Jack and cousin Cecil did just that.... We made some interesting stops along the way at a Chocolatier in the Desert called the Golden Nugget... not to be confused with the Casino. We went on a hike, I explored a Head Shop and bought myself a lolly pop and went swimming in Lake Tahoe in California.... It was a super amazing week and I have my Amazing Aunt Caroline to thank!!! I can't wait to get back and do a proper video... since now thats what I do... hope you love this little slide show..... #laketahoe #roadtrip #family #Nevada #California #Desert #slideshow #oldvacations #swimming #goldennugget

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